at 4.30am this morning, i packed the boy off at the airport again.

and while it’s the last day of the long weekend, it’s the start of a month of ‘independence’ and missing the boy.

our flight schedules couldn’t have been more perfect (or not!).

our schedules:
HIM: 21 – 25 Sep – China
HER: 26 Sep (2AM flight!) – 7 Oct – South Africa
HIM: 7 Oct – 18 Oct – Italy, France, UK

and so, we technically can meet and chill at the airport for a few hours on the days we are flying in/out.

i cannot decide if i should be happy (YAY! we at least get to meet!) or be upset, because we wouldn’t have much time to spend with each other (abt 2 hours each time) in the next one month.

but i guess i am thankful that at least we’ll get to meet, because it’s better than nothing!

so, the next few days will be filled with late nights (trying to finish up on the work front), packing and cramping all the errands that i have to run within the next 3 days.

am flying off on friday night. have to head straight home after work, wash up and grab the luggage to head to the airport. hopefully there’s enough time, if not.. i just might have to bathe in the office gym and have someone deliver the luggage to the airport and head off straight.

wish me luck.

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