havent been posting pictures, so i’m using the bit of time to make photo collages!!!

took some pictures over a couple of lunches that i was having with my colleagues…

have been indulging in blading of late. the new blades are a lot more comfortable from my previous pair and suddenly, the people around are blading crazy! a phone call, 3 secs thinking and off im gone with all my stuff in a jiffy.

and despite heading back to the office over the last week, i packed my days with fun filled activities as well. bala’s on friday as seen in previous post. sat’s morning was spent… WAKEBOARDING!

yes. i know i shouldn’t. thanks to all that have expressed concerned over my ligament. 😛 i’m really AM itching for it and ya..i have NO regrets about it. first, i didnt injure myself and second, i had a WHALE of a time even though my colleagues whom i have initially planned this for, has all bailed out on me except lynettepoh.

the initial plans of watching a movie at j8 crashed when the list of movies available sucks. we ended up in joseph’s new house to play mahjong. i.lost.40.bucks. cannot believe my rotten luck that night. i dont think i have ever lost that much with a 20/40cents stake. *pulls hair*

sunday. went blading with cussies and wei, but no photos taken this time round. i didnt bring a pouch so i had no place to deposit my camera while i blade.

wah! i didnt realise it’s 1+am already!. time to knock out. hopefully will be back with more entries soon!

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