today is mostly a windy day and sounds of windows slamming by the forceful wind could be heard around the neighbourhood.

i stayed in my room all day, half resting and half working. felt much better when i woke up close to noon, but as the night comes.. the night chills got to my bod and i continued hacking away non stop.

i have also been nursing a nose bled since yesterday. too heaty perhaps.

doc gave me 2 days mc to rest, but i told him i had to head back to work tomorrow, no matter what. 🙁

just loaded in all the pictures from phuket.. and here’s some for preview!

my tag..

david dahan, myself and jen 🙂

our room at moevenpick

jen devouring the fruits!

the lovely sunset..

excellent view from the room..

ju & jen

the second hotel we shifted to..

at jung ceylon shopping mall..

ju & me

the ocean view from the hotel

the hotel pool..

our manicures.. (quite badly done!)

us again

breakfast in the sun

at the pool

love this self taken picture!

us, after the dip

cute jen

karon beach

me at the beach

can u imagine this is made from bar soap?

mandatory picture with the tuks tuks!

home bound flight.. in the sunset..

happy to be heading home!! 🙂

Oops. flickr is loading really slowly.. will post more single pictures when it’s done. anyway, you can view the entire set here. really beautiful sunset and beaches..

and i got sun tanned while having breakfast outdoors one morning. :/

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