after staying awake for nearly 30 hours and being at the wake (for 26hrs!) and sending uncle off on this last journey to be cremated, i came home, flopped in bed and slept for a record breaking 16 hours.

its quite a feat for me since i usually sleep a lot lesser and seldom make it past the 12hr mark. im still feeling a little groggy now cos i fell asleep again while i was trying to read a book. 2007 began with me in bed, with a non stop beeping handphone while i was sleeping. it’s a tad annoying trying to get sleep in but thanks to everyone who has sent their well wishes for the new year! i woke to 20+ messages this morning!

i painted my bathroom pipes this afternoon, after procrastinating on it for almost 2 months. i finally had the time to do it. 🙂 they are now a sweet pink (in sync with my room) from the medium blue it used to be. sweeeeeeeett!

for the whole of this first day in this brand new year.. i think it started on a gloomy mode for me. after seeing him for the last 9 days, i felt queer and not knowing how to face him after. you know, its easy telling myself to pick up the pieces and live my happy life but somehow, i am affected after the series of events and things are not the same now. just wanting to do it is a lot harder emotionally.

i can’t help but wonder what to react, say when i see him. not that there is much of a chance anyway, but i think im quite clueless and during the 9 days, my reactions were somewhat, cold. not because i had wanted it that way, but i didn’t know what was the proper way to act towards him. my last goodbye to him was a nonchalant one and he didn’t even say thanks to me despite all i have done. i wonder if i was just being extra.

well, i think staying at home while everyone else is out is doing me in, harping on the gloomy notes. but i am too tired to even want to attempt to head out.. and work is on my mind since there are loads of deadlines when i start work on wed! 🙁

what a boo! shall spend the rest of the day packing up the room, rearranging everything and making myself feel good!


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