havent been snapping away often these days. nothing interesting in my life actually. just the normal routine of work and home.

meinu_yihui flew kite on me today, so the dinner date is off and i headed home in the rain at 5.45pm. there’s loads of work, but cos i am really tired and wanted to rest, i decided to head home early.

here’s my desk a couple of days back, after i’ve set up the new computer and got all the wires/cables hidden. the new dell com at work is cranky, cos it gives out weird noises (and loud!) at times. i think something is wrong with the fan. 🙁

i think my mum is cute. i boarded the bus in the drizzle and right after i tap my ezlink card, i spotted my mum on the same bus. guess what? she had her fingers in this “number 2” sign, machiam like taking photo! haha. funny rite? i tried hard at refraining myself from giggling. hahahahaha. i think it’s the kid in her. 🙂

it runs in the blood. u should see my uncles and aunt in their 40s running around in disney world and universal studio. despite them having been the same place umpteen times and almost all the disneylands in the world, they still get very excited and it’s really really cool and FUN!

took this photo near my office gate. the tree actually belonged to the neighbour’s. thought it was pretty cool cos it looked like some barren tree during autumn in some country far away from the tropical singapore. and the funny thing is, all other trees surrounding it green and leafy!

for those who followed my blogspot, you might have read abt this myth entry dated 16th aug 05. i saw the half cut lime today on my way to work. nearly stepped on it, and stopped to take a picture of it despite me running late.

so here, unpolished_gem & dutchlady, here’s the lime i told you girls about.

now, can anyone tell me what is this for and what purpose does it serve? and oh, why is it always thrown in the midst of grass patches?