i came into the office this morning and found my baby piglet back on home ground. poor thing. it seems traumatised by the unexpected tour it took. and my greatest worry has been proved correct. damn. why am i so good at reading that kid’s move?

the label of my piglet has been cut off! so, it’s worthless now, no matter how limited edition it used to be before that. *sigh* serve myself right for bringing it into the office.. but who would have expected this to happen? not me definitely, especially when nothing has happened for the last 1.5 years.

enuff of that. im too tired to even be angry or pissed anymore. brought home all of piglet’s little friends last nite. so, it shall come home with me tonight too.

i didnt sleep well. had insomia from that queasy stomach. i couldnt ease myself into sleep. and when i finally did, i woke at 6.30am. without the alarm. weird rite? and i even thought of heading for a run.

nah. i didnt. a pack of lazy bones. with lots of fats surrounding it. that’s me. hee.

gotta trudge through my workload now since i really didnt do much yesterday.

2 things to be happy about:
1. it’s friday! (its a day closer to see my sweetie!)
2. it’s 17th! harry potter movie is out! Whee! i cant wait to catch it!

after the saga yesterday, i have decided to set myself a target.

i shall send out 3 resumes/job applications each day starting from this weekend! wish me luck!