it’s pouring heavily outside. i haven’t seen rain like that since jan or feb.

as i walked home drenched from the run between the cab and the void deck, i stare far out at the rain drops glistening under the light.

don’t you find them beautiful sometimes?

like everything else in the world didn’t matter, and i could just sit down and take in the view, listening to the pitter patter of the rain. reminded me of my childhood. that was one of my favourite past times during rainy days as a kid.

here i am wishing that i was in car, parked along the stretch at seletar dam with someone for company.

today, i thought about what i would say to someone closest to me if i were to die tomorrow. not too sure why the thought struck me, but i thought.. maybe i should leave some notes, in case i just drop dead tomorrow.


i think rainy days are good thinking days.

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