My mind is a jumble of all sort of thoughts. I haven’t been blogging much. Some friends asked why.

I don’t really know either. I guess having a down computer does contribute a little. The other reason i could think of, is the heavy workload and the fatigue i have been feeling for weeks.. But the most interesting thing that i observed, is that i no longer have the drive to blog. The ambition of putting together my photos in nice little collages to share.

Have i changed? I don’t know. I’m still searching for answers that i wished i knew. I am still wondering if some of my decisions are right. At the same time, i am also very frustrated with many things at this point in life. It’s not beyond me to change things the way they are.. It’s just hard and takes a great deal of effort and i am not very sure if it’s all worth it.

The only one thing i’m very sure of now, is that i need a holiday badly.

A hiatus would really do some good to my soul.

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