it amazing how i fret abt things for a week.. and in a flash, within a minute of receiving a call… i decided to go ahead with a decision that i have been deliberating on for a week.

notice something being striked off from my wishlist?

good bye my beloved 7610. i will miss you badly.

ya. i bought the n70. 2 nights ago. the internet connection was unstable for the whole day yesterday and i didnt have the chance to blog about it.

the market rate for the phone is almost $880 without a contract. it’s waaaaaaaaaayy too much to bear.. especially since im turning jobless and the states trip looming in less than a month away. and i changed my mind in a flash, in under a minute, after i received a call from david, and a 20 secs consultation with my love.

my boy is so sweet. he’s been telling me it’s no point blowing that much money on a mobile phone. we went mobile phone shopping over the weekend.. and his jaws dropped so many times upon hearing the price. yet, he touched me when he mentioned he will pay for half of the phone when i called to tell him abt the deal. awwww.. *melts*

and so, after a $80 trade in for my 7610 and $700 bucks cash.. i carried home the phone almost near midnight. david took a cab to my house to pass me the phone. it’s a sad purchase, i tell you. i didnt want my boy to pay for the phone, and took out whatever’s left in my bank to pay for it. now, im cant wait for CNY to come so that i’ll get my pay check and collect ang pow money!

still, i love my 7610. urgh. why did it die on me? so sad!

i find the n70 a little hard to get used to. takes time i guess. hopefully i will like it more in time to come!

after hours of transferring the info, i’m finally back in contact with all my friends! yipee!