Some random streets of milan while heading towards our hotel!

Our hotel! Hotel rio, just round the corner from the famous piazza duomo. It was still v early and we dumped the bags under the care of the hotel and headed off!

First up, headed to the central train station to buy our train tickets for the rest of the trip..

Nice tall building with beautiful ceilings and intricate wall designs. I didnt manage to take a picture of the main facade, but it wasa grand building with 2 winged horse statues at the side. Guess what is the first food i ate in italy?! Its a magnum gold! At only €1.90, i figured its much cheaper than singapore so i’m gonna have my fill of it here.

More pictures of the central station later. For some weird reason, i can’t insert pictures in mid way. It goes to another section of the post.

We headed back to the hotel area for breakkie, bread and more bread. Not exactly a bread lover, i am missing the laksa, mee siam and fishball noodles in singapore already! We ordered a huge slice of pizza bread, one oversized eclaire looking bread (which turns out to be coffee that i couldnt take, a round bun infused with chocolate bits and a big slice of focaccia bread with cheese, tomato chunks, ham and rocket leaves. Not exactly my kind of thing to eat cold cuts type so my stomach aint agreeing. Der ended up finishing all the food by himself.

Here’s a nice picture of the duomo, with the sunrise at the back. I’ll blog more about it in a separate post. It deserves a post on its own.

First touristy place – castello sforzesco. This is one of the most famous monuments in milan that goes a long way back. Its a grand castle and im not putting the details here cos i cannot remember them all and it can be easily found on google.

We walked around the entire milan on foot, visiting all the touristy places.

Spotted this huge needle sticking out of the ground while navigating our way around. This is somewhere close to the central station (stazione centrale). Wonder what’s the significance of it.

Santa maria delle grazie. This is the place where you could catch the real painting of Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. But alas, while we try to get the tickets in advance before the trip, it was all sold out. Still, we tried our luck on site and were told that the tickets were all sold out for 2 weeks. Sigh.

We popped into the church instead.

Our visit was cut abruptly as it turned 12pm and the church’s close. We only managed to spend 3 mins in the church! Still, was quite an experience!

We walked over to Basalica of Saint’ Ambrogio only to find it closed as well! We had a crappy map from the hotel lobby that does show the operating timings so had me do a lot of wasted walking. Dont ask me why we aint on the metro, we just thought it wasnt v far and walking around exposes us to all the local sights!

We never went back because i was too hungry to wait and went into a cafeteria of some sorts for some munch. Am dying on my first day here cos there werent non carbonated drinks options for me other that aqua naturale.

The cafe walls and the crappy food! Yucky by my standards. Somehow, my tastebuds aint agreeing with me in italy…

We spent the rest of our days shopping around tge ‘golden triangle’ – via sant’ Andrea & via Monte Napoleone where der is super familiar with. We also popped by Galleria Vittorio Emannuele to grace the shops. Bought nothing except a tiny miu miu bag for weekend use.

Popped by this shop with interesting windows display. Their lights are made of gowns and roses and it makes me all whimsical amd dreamy about the wedding just 2 days before. I still cant quite comprehend the fact that we are married! Feels the same for now.

Dinner at charleston located at piazza del liberty. Der’s usual dinner venue. Food was alright but my tummy was racking up a tantrum from the foreign foods so it didnt quite go down well. My tummy keep churning from everything that we into it.

We had a pizza and a pasta washed it down with some white wine and aqua naturale before we retired back to our hotels for some much needed rest. I was flushing from hot to cold the whole time with the tummu churn so der was eager to pack me into bed to ensure enough rest for the rest of the trip.

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