Ok. Turning 40 weeks and 3 days in a bit while I pen this down and get this post posted…

I AM STILL PREGNANT!!! and hanging around waiting!

And I wonder why my baby ain’t ready. I didn’t really expect myself to hit full term actually, not especially with all that pelvic pains/discomfort that’s restricting my movement and mobility. Maybe it’s jerry’s way of having me get some rest clocked in before he pops out and create havoc in my calm little world.

The funny hubby was lying all the soft toys around and about the bed tonight, all staring into the ceiling, in one tight circle. what are they doing?!, I asked. enjoying the peaceful night, before the baby arrives and they have to endure the baby’s cries, he said. Hilarious lor!

So, I think I grew a little rounder in the face lately, the rings are also feeling a little wee bit tight especially when I try removing them after wearing. The pain in the pelvic has worsen since, and it’s soooooo painful that I actually am quite tempted to sit on the floor and not move whenever I am. And sometimes, a sharp chilling pain strikes and radiates down the entire leg from the spine. Is that the sciatica pain that I read about?

The pimples are also popping like popcorns these days, like they are all out to join some party. Sleep pattern is random and weirdly, I sleep quite a bit these few days and find it a torture to actually wake up and get out of bed. I just want to sleep longer and longer, like a hibernating bear. Funny how I only read about sudden bouts of energy before the actual labor but I get bouts of sleepiness and tiredness! Other days, i stare at the ceiling in the dark and stay awake till 9+am in the mornings where the hustle and bustle starts and i am still not able to sleep. Has the bod gone outta whack?!

I suffer from very very bad headaches in the last week and they hurt for hours and hours. I wish there was something I could do to make them go away.. Except to actually wait it out and have them go away by itself. The only non medication method I know is to exercise. endorphins cure headaches naturally and that’s what I always do in the past but how could I exercise now?

There are also random contractions that I felt. There was one night where I humoured
the hubby and accompanied him to watch this movie that he really wanted to watch. Guess what? I was pre-occupied with timing the contractions throughout and wasn’t really knowing that the movie was about half the time. Think the people seated behind me would have been really irritated with my watch lume going off every few minutes with me checking my watch, also partly because I was suffering from a really full bladder that was so going to burst and was hoping that the movie end soon. Was seated right in the centre of the theatre and I figured people would most likely be irritated if a ‘whale’ stood up and make her way around mid-movie. I guess it didn’t quite dawn on me to choose the side seats for easy access to the toilets, after all, the centre seats are always the best! Now, on hindsight, I learnt and would probably do so in my next pregnancy (if there is) to prevent from torturing myself and others.

Not sure if it’s the tiredness I’m feeling thats causing it, but the neck and shoulders are feeling achy achy all the time (also part of the reason why a new mattress was bought).

On a few occasions, the nausea is still affecting me though it’s much better these days.

Finding a comfortable position to lie down has also been quite a challenge. other times, I feel that the baby’s kicking my stomach and I could hardly breathe and move. It hurts with the awkward jut in my gut.

Jerry’s movement ain’t as active as before and less frequent. There are days where I fear he stopped moving and stare at my tummy for the longest time willing him to give a kick or something.. Well, I usually sigh in relief after I feel movement but the hubby has been scared by me many times and it has since become a mandate that he asks periodically if baby is moving. I think jerry has grown bigger and has lesser space now, but every time he moves, I feel like I have aliens ricochetting through me. Its so uncomfy!

And so, each day while I sit around and wait for the baby to pop.. I keep asking myself, is there something that I haven’t bought? Is that something that I have yet to do? And when I think of something, I plan my moves around it, like playing chess. I quite like my productivity! Heh.

And so, in a couple of hours.. I’ll be popping into the gynae’s office again and probably the last time stepping in there pregnant (for this pregnancy). The last visit, he said he would induce me if I haven’t popped at the next visit, so I guess i’ll have to resign to fate and have the baby induced, as much as I would really want to wait it out and let jerry come at his own pace. Gynae is not recommending to keep the baby in there for too long.. A couple of days is fine, but he doesn’t recommend waiting too long. I also read that post full term, the placenta won’t be able to deliver the nutrients to the baby as effectively, so yup.. I should have Jerry in my arms before the end of the week.

Will definitely hang on to my phone and give updates (hopefully ‘live’ ones if possible) when I go pop or be induced!

Ok. Am all geared up! Now, I’m just worried that I’ll pop tonight or tomorrow morning, because the boy’s not with me now, and he was telling me he still have some urgent work to clear so he needs to make a trip to Johor before our gynae’s appt tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hospital bag checked. Hubby’s stayover bag checked. Computers/chargers all in. Threw in a book to read while I am getting induced (some people wait for hours for dilation so I figured a book is good to calm my nerves while i wait). Only missing item? Car seat. The boy can only load it in after his johor trip tomorrow, else.. I could always get my brother to go haul it from my in-laws place if need be.

I guess the only other thing I need right now is to get some rest and sleep! Good night!

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