i feel extremely bad. the initial plans of meeting shuyu for lunch today wasnt fulfilled. sorry girl, i really have too much to deal with and too little time. i make it up to you when im back alright?

everyone seemed to want to meet up with me before i leave. like ant, eric, yuxiong, jeremy and some others. i wish i could meet you people too, but im stretched so thin these days. i dont know with what! it’s really amazing to find out that being unemployed equates to a busier lifestyle and lack of sleep! every night i struggle to keep awake, but end up sleeping.

i havent finished packing. in another 11 hours, i have to leave. i havent studied for the dictation for jap class later, nor the amounts of homework that i owe the teacher. Grr. To my horror, during the 2nd last class on last monday, the classes has been extended! the admin lady made a mistake and calculated the hours wrongly, and we are gonna have 4 classes more. im sorta irritated by her mistake, as it will mean i am MISSING 3 classes and attending the last one on the day i am back. no way near a desirable situation if you ask me, and doubts of passing the exam is ever flashing in my head.

how to study?!?! sigh.

and here’s the kit to my survival in 11 hours.