The first weekend post the end of my official confinement period, we popped out with our friends, along with Jerry and had buffet lunch at triple three. I was too busy eating/catching up with friends/attending to and feeding Jerry that I didn’t take a single picture of the whole event. Yes, the free flow sashimi distracted me a lot as well and I just didn’t have enough time to finish eating all that’s available!

Der & me headed off for some light shopping after that and I bought myself a present, to reward myself for having survive through the pregnancy and the confinement period (not that it was terrible, but I do miss my foods). Well, helps that the hubby was extremely encouraging in my buy as well.. (I think it’s cos it’s not his moo-lah anyway!!)

A cute pair of earrings from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Love love it! Ain’t it cute?

Would have gotten their necklaces as well but i find them not chunky/big enough.

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