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It’s just 18 more days to the wedding and my wedding shoe is ready!! After 2 fittings and some adjustments and beautifying, it’s finally ready for the big day!

In the meanwhile, the shoe elf is still working on a gold pair of heels to go with my short dress (but with a long train) for the solemnization ceremony. It was sparked off when i was shoe-shopping for a gold pair of heels to match the short dress and i want it with a wee bit more character to go with my loud, victorian-styled tea dress. It should be ready by this friday!

And here’s presenting my wedding shoe, the one and only pair in the world, lovingly made by der and this guy from the shoe factory.

Front view. Love all the blings that were especially bought in china for the shoes because they are much brighter and shinier than the usual ones.

The side view and that unusual looking heels. The entire pair of heels is made in soft lambskin, with snake prints and i’m very sure i wont get any blisters in this pair of heels cos its very comfy!

The front platform also wrapped in lambskin. Loving the details!

The boy’s artistic way of photo-taking the shoes. Does it look familar?

This just had to be my favourite. The label says…to love & to cherish. This ribbon is part of my guestbook as well. I could start my own brand of heels! Haha.

How it looks on ny feet. Pardon my ugly feet. I think i tortured it a bit too much on heels these days. Keep feeling like the feet’s changing its shape.

Front view. Pardon my yellowish toe nails. Just removed my pedicure and realised they are stained!

And finally, from the inside!

Excuse me for all that shoe-whore, but i am so excited that i think i want to wear my shoes to sleep! Haha. Am joking!

Is it nice? Is it nice?! (i hope no one will say not nice..)

Anyway, i do have toxic friends that say who cares about the shoes since no one can see it anyway (under the gown), but i guess it does make a whole world of difference to me, just because my boy’s a ‘shoe-maker’ and having a customized pair of wedding shoes done already made me feel like a princess!

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