I think all babies are lucky beings. They are always being gifted with presents before they are out! Mum here ain’t so lucky because my dear Jen went Xiamen and I didn’t get a present! Jerry has not 1 but 2 presents from her! Unfair!

Mr bunny here is totally baby friendly, no eyes, buttons or small parts. I haven’t thought of a name for him yet. Currently, he’s occupying Jerry’s bed!

And he got another onesie too! It says suitors in q! I’m quite sure daddy will agree with that tagline cos he thinks Jerry is sure to take after his traits! More clothes for my boy.. The wardrobe is already bursting! Doesn’t help that my aunt is telling me that her friend, auntie ming is also going crazy shopping for Jerry in the states. Actually, I cannot resist the urge to click that ‘add to cart’ button when I shop online myself. Recently added another cartload of clothes from Carter and osh’kosh with the recent sale. The baby stuff are just so cute!

I can imagine the horror on my mum’s face when everything arrives here next month or in June, depending on when my aunt/uncle decides to make a trip here.

Even der is putting a ban on my baby shopping. =S

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