my brother who is quite the sneaker fan (he has hundreds of them in different color combination that lines the walls of his room, bought his nephew his first pair of Nike sneakers.

Omg. It’s so cute!! I cannot wait till the moment when my boy can wear these. I think at least when he is 9-12months old, meanwhile, mummy here is ogling at the shoes every time I catch the sight of it lying in one corner of the room. Together with the rest of the presents.

And oh! Talking about presents, I actually got the items off my wish list – the bumbo chair (in lime green.. Can’t seemed to steer clear of this color at the moment!!), 2x baby bjorn carrier bibs, and moo moo kow diapers!

I is a happy mummy. Haha.

And guess what my mum has been enjoying everyday? Picking out the 7-day socks and dressing my boy in them!

Missing out on the weekend ones cos I was too busy eating high tea and shopping on sat.. While Sunday was spent traveling up to Msia while I battled a high fever of 38.5 so I wasnt in the mood to do anything at all, lest take any pictures of the socks.

Am really thankful for all the presents, big and small.. And some really thoughtful ones!

Personalized necklace from Ruth from sparkle thots..

Oh oh! Guess what? Jerry even got a remote control car! I have to find a place to stash that aside till he is old enough to play.. Like when he turn 2?

Lucky boy. I wished I had that many presents on my birthday. Heh.

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