Can you spot a present with your name on it?

Christmas mood not yet felt by me, and i haven’t started my christmas shopping for presents..

Last night, i spent a long time sorting out and wrapping the only christmas presents that i bought when i was in thailand. Looks like i gotta battle the crowd tomorrow to start my christmas shopping.

I feel so tired today. Gonna be a long day! Lunch appt with the Lj gang at 12pm, meeting at 2pm, and gonna leave the office at 4.30pm for an event by singpost and then the department dinner afterwards.

That doesn’t leave me much time to clear my work.. And i guess i’ll need to clear my work at lightning speed today! Wish me luck!

On the other hand, i’m so glad that i don’t have to wake at 7+ in the mornings anymore for the rest of the year! Whee!

[mobile post on train @ bishan]