it feels like monday today. i changed my alarm clock last night, in a bid to wake earlier to beat the punch card machine. i got out of the house earlier than usual and missed the bus that i was supposed to catch! and i was 4 mins late. my time stamp was in red while the rest of my colleagues are in black. sigh. how demoralising.

the public holiday was spent lazing. helped wei cleaned his car yesterday, yeah! at least i dont despise it that much now.

i feel so distant after not posting any entry in the last 2 days. wei’s computer is down and i couldnt access the net from his place. i stared at my computer when i got home last night with much to say, but simply too drained to cough up an entry.

wei popped me a surprise on monday. he decided to come pick me up from work! i am so pleasantly surprised. you cannot imagine how estatic i am. it’s been a long time (since i dont remember when) that he knocked off early, not to mention pick me up from work. he had some plans for the night but was slightly disappointed that i already had an engagement with unpolished_gem.

still, i told him that i’ll have dinner with him before joining michelle. he actually brought me to a new place for dinner! it was totally cool. the fact that he drove all the way to punggol park, to this restuarant called Bliss. and yes, i was feeling a lot blissful after the dinner! the food is ok, cos i merely had salad. i love the atmosphere, for being so close to nature and watching the joggers and people walking their dogs. totally enjoyed the dinner with him, even though it was a really short stint.

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i joined mich at the harvest force church for a worship workshop and met delirist for the first time ever. the girl that was the first to offer me the my melody bookend from Mac. the session started off with me feeling a little outta place cos i couldnt sing a single song and i’m simply too short to see any of the lyrics on the screen! and i felt so out of place, not to mention that my shoes are mud-infested from running across a muddy grass patch! 🙁

then when the talk about vocal started, i had loads of fun. seated beside delirist and having her as my partner throughout the workshop, the all-smiles girl made me feel so at ease with her friendly disposition. we had so much giggles and were bubbling/laughing at each other. hey vic, you have a superb voice too! definitely learnt loads within the 2 short hours before i popped over to wine connection at mohammad sultan to join wei, who was patiently waiting for me and sipping red wine with his pals.

chilled there and watch all the funny costumes and characters dressed for halloween. the funniest was these 2 girls dressed as powerpuff girls. gawd! what were they thinking? some devils, witches, mummies, bloody characters with torn clothing were spotted among the crowd strolling past us.

when the wine is gone, we parted our ways. feeling bored on a ph’s eve, wei & me popped over to K box for karaoke. just the 2 of us. when i finally drove wei home, i konked out almost immediately and wei had to drag me out of bed to get changed and wash up. it was a long day and i felt so knackered.

i cant wait for today to end!