maybe this is just IT.

great. just when u are trying very hard to be positive and enjoy life’s fleeting moments as it passes you by, things comes hitting at you in a combo hit.

is it my perception? or is it like they say, “when your spirits are low, everything just goes awry”

and so i thought the dinner date with raf would cheer me a little. it did, to some extent. until i accidentally knocked only a cup of milk tea onto my new coach bag. the entire bag has turned into a shade of brown.. and it’s only 2 weeks old.


preoccupied i am. don’t ask me with what. apparently, i broke my toe nail today and left it to bleed without even realising it. how i found out? the pain got to me when i was bathing and i went,”shit! why is there so much blood on my toes?!”

there. am i really hit by a quarter life crisis? Boooo!

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