i have so much that i want to say here. there has been many changes around me lately, and i have been madly trying to catch up with everything. and also, i hate to say this but i think i am addicted to my iphone as well with the boy sending me screen shots of the free apps to download daily.

but, the posts will come later, if i have the time.

just want to say… the guys always say girls are hard to read creatures. I think the guys are equally confusing as well. imagine the following.

when a boy and a girl is dating and wearing a sexy dress..
boy – Oh, that’s a nice dress. you look very pretty.
girl – thank you.

when boy is together with girl (attached or married) wearing the SAME dress
boy – where are you going tonight? why are you dressed like that?!
girl – -_-“” isn’t it the same dress that i have been wearing?!

are you guys guilty of doing the above? or do i have girls nodding their heads and agreeing with me?

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