im shivering in the super cold server room at my office. trying to fix the internet connection in the office. obviously it worked, if not you wont see my entry.

but, i got it to work for 1 terminal, not the entire network. a new router is very much needed.

the batt in my lappie is draining away. managed to pop into the lj community and check.. oh good gawd. i missed out so much stuff! loads of friends’ entries waiting to be read.

im extremely tired.

after the ramblings of me yesterday not being to get out off bed in time.. i got outta bed today at 8am! shucks. yeah, im friggin’ tired!

i have no idea what happened to the alarm. and did i mention that i had 2 alarm clocks? more is needed, i guess.

too many late nights these days. mich, my eyes are feeling the same with that u are feeling. feel puffy and tired. i dun wanna wear glasses too!

okie. i gotta go. will blog more if i find time later at home. lappie’s batt dying and i need to be back at my desk. besides.. it’s.. tooo colddddd innnnn hereeeeee..