the lack of blogging is bad, cos i literally forgot how i spent the entire last week. either i was too busy, or extremely tired that i cannot remember most of the week.

my trusty old sony f77 camera is dying on me. -wails loudly- there is a bluish discoloration every time i switch it to night mode, and it would stay like that no matter what other settings i set it afterwards. every picture that i snap thereafter is a shade of blue. shall i send my old baby for repair? considering the fact that it’s 7 or 8 years old? but still, it has my favourite rotatable lens (so i can be narcissistic), and its a 4 mega pixel cammie! com’on, i need advice!

despite right at the brink of a new month, i am sad to announce i am broke already. no no. i didnt splurge on shopping, but i paid off nearly 800 bucks of debt (for medical) and guess what? i am as unlucky as i can be! my payroll dept made a mistake and deducting $400 off my pay for leave that i took 2 months ago (and were ALREADY deducted!!!), and would not be able to pay me till july. Grrr..

i wont get to enjoy GSS while it last. sigh. not like i have the luxury and TIME to hit the malls anyway.

and oh. many thankies to those who drop me a note. i am not as well, but i will still live life and hope for the best.

hmm.. what else did i miss? PEEEEEeeekTures!!

taken at scarlet hotel while celebrating shuyu’s bdae….

wah.. i tell you. the price of the seafood platter freaks me out!!! it’s a BLOODY $120 for that miserable, yucky platter. the oysters are so TINY, the rest of the stuff aint really good, except for the few slices of sashimi. i am a stingy scrooge, i know.. (even tho i didnt really pay for the platter), but i seriously didnt think its anywhere near a good deal!

/edit 9.51am, tuesday morning
i might have sounded harsh on my comments above, but it is strictly accorded only towards the seafood platter. the place have a really nice ambience by the way (that’s why i took pictures of the surroundings!), and the rest of the food is ok. i forgot to mention this, but the cake is really YUMMYLICIOUS!! personally, the portions are a tad too teeny for my stomach, but i guess that’s the kind of thing to expect at that kinda restaurant.

i just want to make it clear that i am NOT blaming anyone for suggesting the place. i just wanted to blog what i felt truthfully. i mean, i really appreciate the fact that someone suggested the place and organise the whole thing. please do not take my comments too personally. it’s my experience that’s jotted here.

i have been waiting for wendy to upload the pictures that she took during the dinner date we had with the girls (syun,jesmineang,pishako & wwenzz). i didnt take as much cos my cammie died and there werent any good pictures except these 2.

yummy look? haha. start DROOLING! i love the salad to bits. i am SO a GREENS person!! YUMS!

ok. that’s ’nuff for my random talk. time to hit the pillows!

oh. oh. by the way.. i TOTALLY ADORE my boy these days. he’s sucha sweet darling that im falling in love all over again. it’s good when people makes effort.. and im HAPPY!! (well, in that aspect.. yes) tho, life is extremely tough for me at this point.

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