I have been silent for almost 2 weeks now. It’s been madness here, juggling with a almost-deadly virus that rendered a whole household sick, a out of whack schedule for baby, a majorly sleep deprived mother with loads of stress at work with pressing deadlines (colleague was on 1.5 weeks leave and there were tons to be done) and many visits to the pediatrician on top of round-the-clock administration of medicine for jerry.

I almost couldn’t hang in there.

It’s slightly better now, but im still sick, and still superbly sleep deprived.

What seemed to be a flu for jerry turns out to be a really nasty virus that warranted three visit to the pediatrician and another one coming up next week. After his first visit and strong medication, he still wasn’t well, had loads of phlegm in his lungs, was coughing and breathing sounded different and nose was still drippy. Doc requested for blood test and x-ray to be taken immediately because jerry is still a very young baby. I had to say, I am quite proud of my son because when he had his finger pricked, he was like the coolest kid in the lab, chilling on my legs and simply just watching what was going on while ALL the kids were crying and screaming their lungs off. Honestly, I was prepared for a meltdown and the husband actually sent me in to experience the ‘heartache’ and struggling/screaming but all I had was a inquisitive baby and a really impressed nurse that kept praising jerry for being such a well-behaved boy that didn’t struggle at all, just waiting for the blood to be collected.

When I stepped out, the husband went.. Huh?! DONE?! I think my son wanted to proof his daddy wrong.

no pain, daddy! I am a big boy!

Here he is, giving the middle finger while biting on his teething rusk.

I didn’t know about the x-ray bit cos the husband and me split up for the different queues (me @ blood test) and the hubby took him in without me. The result was quite bad, his lungs was filled with loads of phlegm and doc ordered him to be on nebulizer machine.

We had to rent the machine home and administer the medication every 6 hours for a week or admit him into the hospital.

We chose the former, but on hindsight.. I should have admitted him since it would have been covered by his insurance. And it could have saved the entire household from falling sick at the same time. And it could have saved us many sleepless night. I survived on 3hrs sleep everyday for a week on top of my hectic workload. It was really a very trying period for all of us and I hope I don’t have to go through it ever again.

So now, the nebulizer is off, people are still sick here but we are slowly regaining some normalcy. My active baby is back and exploring new territories every day. He has also sprouted 2 big buck teeth that I had a arsed time trying to take a picture of.

This is like the best shot after like the 4642467th attempt. Ok. Some major exaggeration there, but you get the gist. He has huge teeth! Now, finally there’s something that he is taking after me. Everyone I meet tells me he is a photocopy of my husband.

Is it really? Sorry about the dark image. Taken in the wee hours of the night where my baby suddenly woke.

My boys, in admiration of each other.

Are they really that similar? Heh.

Mummy, baby and Sophie (the giraffe).

Can I tell you how glad I am that it’s weekend? Never mind that I have to work tomorrow. At least I get to rest a bit tomorrow morning!

Will be in Clarke quay/zirca tomorrow. Anyone hopping over to the 8 days shirtless guy finals party? I’ll be there! Not excited at all actually, I just wanna be home and chill with my boys.

And oh, it’s also the sitex weekend and it’s happening at Singapore expo. And guess what? I have also found out that the new changi point that’s beside expo is a dark hole.. Because there is ZERO mobile network there (regardless which telco you are with). the good thing that came out of it was a nice lunch with colleagues at ichiban with no calls interrupting our lunch and no one picking up their phones and immersing in their own (mobile phone) world. Nice.

Have you planned out your weekend yet? Am gonna flop into bed right this moment. Am.so.tired.

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