A grumble on a monday morning is e last thing i would want. But a sms that just came in triggered all my pent up anger towards one person.

This person, had smsed me NON-STOP for permission on filming over e entire weekend since friday afternoon. On friday alone, i got 2 calls and 2 sms urging for my reply. She didn’t stop hounding me over e weekend, which i refused to acknowledge. I mean, if i have had news, i would have reverted e moment you smsed. What’s e point of hounding me when i don’t have e answer? It would only push me in e direction of frustration (which i am now experiencing) and decrease my level of willingness to help. To add to me being mean, i just sent her an sms to say i would appreciate her patience in e matter.

Grr.. At times like this, i really feel like screaming at people. Oh, did i mention that i was being hounded by a customer last friday over numerous calls because she has won e grand prize in our draw and lost e contest card and kept pleading me non stop to give it to her. I wish i could help, but e contests are being regulated by e CID people, you know?

Ok. I’m about to start another week of frenzy. I’m gonna be 15mins late for work. =(

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