it’s almost 3am in the morning. i am surprised that i am still awake. there is hardly anyone else left online on my msn list.

i am kept very awake by my mind, wildly thinking about junk matters. and for the last hr or so, madly addicted to bejewelled on fb.

met mr. j for lunch today. he said i lost my sparkle, my bounce, and i looked so tired. sounds like a bunch of bad news. apparently, i gave him a different “feel”. like it’s no longer the cherie he used to know…

was it that bad? told that to jen and she actually concurred his saying. OMG. *wildly looks around to find my sparkle*

sparkle, sparkle, where have you gone to?!

i don’t know if it’s life that got to me, or my lifestyle, or the phrase that i am going through, or the job, or the fact that i’m just getting older and more jaded.

seriously, i feel differently too. i no longer cared to blog as much. i am constantly tired. i don’t feel good, or in control of my life sometimes. one thing for sure, i am no longer as fun, cheeky or michievous. maybe the situations just didnt allow me to be.

scary huh.

have i changed?

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