Life as a mother has been nothing but a monotonous cycle… Of feeding, burping, changing diapers, putting baby to sleep, expressing milk, washing bottles and sterilizing them.. And when the cycle ends, before I could find the time to rest, the cycle starts again. How do people actually get any sleep in? There must be help from somewhere to make it possible. Everyone tells me to sleep when I can, I find it hard to find the time to do so!

It’s been mentally draining because it means I don’t have time for myself at all, and when I do, I sit around stoning and find myself drifting off to la-la land. So here’s some updates revolving around me.

I caught the husband eating cereal with
M&Ms the other day. I thought he’s quite mad. He just poured a mini packet of it into the cereal. I tried a mouthful and find it real weird and too sweet! Well.. The crazy husband dumps it in his rice too…

He says it’s nice. I say he’s MAD and got a really sweet tooth! Unfair, he eats so much sugar and is STILL SKINNY!

Threw a surprise to Mich on her birthday. It was a tough one because I wanted to send her flowers to her office BUT I didn’t have her address and no one has it since she just started not too long back of cos, I wasn’t going to spoil the surprise by asking her the address! I asked her husband, jon for it and almost didnt manage to pull it off cos he didn’t see my message till past midnight! Thank goodness I could still order the flowers in the morning and have it delivered in the afternoon. Glad she likes it! And accordingly to her, her colleagues couldn’t believe that the flowers were not from her husband but from a friend. Surprise accomplished!

Talking about flowers, my brother bought me a whole bunch of tulips (my favourite flowers other than gerberas and sunflowers) when I discharged from the hospital the other time.. So lovely! My mum said it bloomed way too fast because of the scorching heat, and when I did finally get home, they were going to wilt! The stalk of gerbera sticking out in the plastic was a mother’s day gift from der.. Hee. So sweet of him and I was quite touched, seeing how busy we were that weekend, trying to settle in. And that pink rose amongst the tulips? Gerrine gave me that when she visited me at home on polling day with Munic, just hours after I stepped foot into tbs house. Felt so bad cos she came and visit the night before at the hospital but parking was way too terrible and she waited for ages but couldn’t get in.

I bought a new bed frame the weekend before I gave birth to fit my new serta mattress. The old bed frame works fine but since it been so old (almost 30 years), I decided to change it and this is how my new bed looked like, picture taken in ikea.. Loving the new bed now and the boy no longer has aches while sleeping with the good support mattress! I am happy girl because hubby isn’t in pain anymore!

Popped by my manicurist on last Saturday and had my nails done. It’s been more than a month and it does feel good to be away from the baby and all duties maternal for that short 1 hour. It was lovely especially since Agnes came downstairs to accompany me and bought me my favourite teh-si peng and we chatted the full hour while I get my nails done and while she sipped her coffee.

Well, these nails are totally ruined 3 days after on Monday.. Because I gave my toilet a big scrub down.. The gaps between the tiles of the bathroom floor is still stained in some bits but I’m mighty pleased with the walls, toilet bowl and basin because they are finally squeaking clean as WHITE. 1.5hrs of hard, manual labour scrubbing, i sure love to torture myself. Shall attempt to bleach the floor some time soon, have to find a day and keep the baby outta my room while I bleach it in case he inhales the fumes! And well, I have never been happier to RUIN MY NAILS. I know, I’m weird., but clean toilets and pretty nails, I chose the former, any time.

Me, donning my new asos dress for the first time for Jerry’s full month party, paired with my miu miu bag and hogan slip-ons. Feels great to dress up after so long!

I have gotten the hubby to tint his car glass so that the sunlight doesn’t get into his son’s eyes. I was trying to persuade him to do it and even attempted bribery and said I’ll pay for it.. Well, der’s the no frills guy who doesn’t even bother about his car having scratches or slight dents and wouldn’t pay a single cent to improve the car (simply because it’s a company car after all). But surprise surprise, he came home that very day with his car glass all tinted! Wow. The wonders of being a father. I was really shocked that he went ahead without even asking me and paid for it himself. Hmmm.. Looks like I’m finding it harder and harder to know what my guy is thinking! Guess it’s for the better! Having another guy (baby one in this case) in the relationship is a good thing after all, stimulate the relationship a little and makes things exciting! Lol.

Since my last update, the milk has already burst through my mum’s freezer and I have gotten myself a brand new 6 drawer freezer to store the breast milk.

Look, already is quite packed. Hmm.. And my mum is eyeing my freezer space for her stuff. Le sigh.

By the way, I have been sweating bucket loads lately, especially in my sleep. I usually wake up all drenched in sweat, top all wet, pillow all wet with the air con on. I have no idea why this is so.. Does the production of milk has any impact on this? Does any mothers face the same issue as me? I feel like I’m burning loads of calories while I sleep, it feels as if I ran a marathon!

Weigh wise, I have almost shed off all the kilos that I piled on during pregnancy, lest 2kgs. Am at 51kg now, and other than the looser and slightly bulgier tummy and the bigger boobs, it feels normal like I haven’t given birth at all. Ok, less the stretch marks as well. And guess what? I gave up wrapping my tummy after 3 days because it’s just too uncomfy and I was too tired to even have that bother me that I rather sleep. I know I am going to pay for it somehow, since my tummy is still quite bulgy. By the way, anyone can tell me how long before I can start doing exercises? I am eyeing my hula hoops for the longest time.

Well, my mum just said I have dark rings. So sad. Argh. I wish she would shut up at times because I didnt ask for her opinion and neither am I interested to know. See? Now I am SORE and UPSET.


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