my life has come to a virtual standstill. there’s no excitement, no surprises and not much of fun either. just physiotheraphy sessions, sleep and eat. being unable to jump and run around, or do any outdoor sport activities is quite a death sentence to someone as hyper as me. all the pent up energy is turning into restlessness, and i cant help but keep wanting to complain. quite a bad sign i would say.

i think i even have lost the drive to blog abt anything. besides, there’s nothing to blog abt now. really.

i tried to post something via my mobile last friday during my physio sesh, cos i was so bored. i typed a lot and was ending the entry when i accidentally slide down the cover to the camera feature. that farking move caused me to lose my entire entry! Grrr..

i seriously cant remember what i wrote. something abt the sesh, and the fact that my left leg is getting super toned. hi toned muscles! u are coming into my body. the stuff that i do these days are quite exhaustive, and i actually sweat in the freaking cold place. x trainer, leg press, cycling etc. its quite a feat. i am determined to get well faster, and i push myself harder. setting goals as i workout, challenging the time factor.

its quite an adrenaline rush!

to kill time, i painted all my nail last friday while chatting with kenties online. kinda hard to paint my toes cos i cant really bend the knee. 🙁

saturday night was spent chilling out at this wine place at dempsey road. err.. a little too atas for me lah. headed for a snooker game which got me all excited, but i ended being really really frustrated. i dont know what is wrong! my balls just cant get into the holes.. and i prob. played the worst game of my life, potting only 2 red balls against wei. and the more i played, the more uneasy i felt.

the only thing that cheered me up was frog porridge at geylang! 🙂 yummy! food is definitely the best pick me up thing in my life.

i bought wei 2 little palm size plushies to remind him of us, and bring him a smile.

he’s the meh and im the monkey. it’s pretty straightforward. just think of the year we were born in. i totally adore these 2 little kids. too bad, i really cannot afford the bigger version with my current financial status. but someday, i’ll lug them home. hee hee. u know, a girl can never have enough plushies. *evil grins*

sunday was spent tomb sweeping with wei’s siblings and dad. tiring, hot and smoky. my eyes are suffering from the smoke, and it hurts so much i cant even open my eyes. the stairs aint a good thing to my leg also. even though wei wanted me to stay home with his mum, but i rather head out with them. hee hee hee, u know why lah huh.

i was so tired by the end of everything and i flopped in bed, slurring my words and drifting in and outta sleep, amidst helping wei with his resume and numerous calls! i wonder why all the calls came in at the same WRONG time! Grrr.

ok, that’s pretty much my BORING weekend and the end of my blabberings. im tired. i have no idea what im typing. nite people.