im feeling totally lethargic. not sure if it’s the weather, or im just plain tired from everything. the bed has such a drawing effect on me that i know i could lie on it all day, slipping in and out of dreamland.

despite promising myself that i would start searching for a job actively/send resumes/scour through the numerous recruit sections of the papers that i lugged back from wei’s house today, i am just so tired, with the thought of doing it. procrastination. it’s killing me right now.

the japanese test next monday is bugging me at the back of my head. missed 3 classes while i was away and 2 of them are terribly important and difficult to comprehend. now, i have only the rest of the week to self-study and mug for the test, and believe me, it’s really the last thing that i want to do now. 🙁

my leg is still swollen, cos my right calf is bigger than my left. i can distinctively see veins popping out on my left feet and there isnt any on my right, and the right knee is rounder compared to the left. despite the swell slowly subsiding, there is still a lot of pain when the leg is in certain angles and too much stress on it hurts it as well. the pain is like a sharp pain spiralling down the leg, like a tendon being pulled hard. wow. totally keeps me awake after that! i hope i aint imagining things, but i thought my right knee looks a little weird, like irregular as compared to the leg. i wonder if its the swelling that’s distorting my perception.

2nd interview today! i hope i’ve done ok. not much of response from the “mr tan” that interviewed me. i dunno what’s his designation though, cos i wasnt told. i almost mistook him as the security guard! he sure looked like one! Oops. the a & p mgr that interviewed the other day sure helped today in prompting me the types of answers i should give. now, there’s a killer and that’s the case study after the interview! took me an hr to finish that together with a 3 page, pointer question personality test.

the case study is so so so so so so so so so hard. i think more for a managerial level than an executive level. and it seems to think im am well versed in customer service, PR, media relations, advertising, fire expert and watever. u get the gist. was so tempted to call someone to help me with the case study while i was in the room, all alone by myself.

i am so lazy that i cant believe i havent loaded the remaining NYC pictures from my memory stick into my com. that’s how lethargic i am. shit.

am i already turning into a professional BUM? *blink blink*