Have been taking random pictures of myself just for memory sake. Well, everyone has also been asking me to post more pictures of myself so that they can check out my baby bump.

On a guilty note, I haven’t been religiously documenting the bump even though I should. I don’t know what happened.. But I think I’m not too excited to bother!

Here’s some pictures to bore you people! Mostly on my usual work/casual attires..

Yup, the belly button has turned from an innie to an outie! The boy has been playing with it like a door bell.. *press outie* and goes.. “ding dong! Is Jerry home?!” I thought it’s quite amusing for a start until he keeps doing it non stop and it sometimes gets me on my nerves cos it can be quite annoying.

Here’s a side profile on the bump!

Taken on Monday night when I went to attend a wedding dinner.. And the side profile.

Ok, I look odd cos I was biting my lips when the picture was taken.

The other day, I was pouring through some of the pictures taken before I was married and my god, I suddenly think that I used to be skinny!!!!!!!! Kill me. I want to transfer all of my fats to der because he is so much lighter than me.

The other day, I sat on the ground and my legs got numb and couldn’t stand.. The poor boy didn’t even have the strength to lift me up.. Sure made me feel like a big fatty.

I can’t wait to go back to my pre-pregnancy state! Sorry for lamenting, but the grass is always greener on the other side! Haha.

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