i haven’t been updating.. but it does not mean i am not ok.

in fact, i am trying very hard to live my life with a purpose and focus on the things i really want.

on the work front, things have been hectic and it’s madness. i am trying to cope and i think i am surviving ok. just need a little bit sanity and faster brains to remember all the things that i had to do.. plus coaching the newbie that just joined us on monday.

ok. to be a little frank, i am not very patient with her with all my deadlines so i am vomiting a little blood. but i know it’s no fault of hers.

attended hwei min’s solemnization ceremony last weekend. it was a lovely event. i took some pictures but err, sorry.. i haven’t had the time to even load them into my computer.

been doing a lot of furniture shopping as well and spending a lot of time in lor ah soo. it’s tiring but i am sorta enjoying the process of the entire thing. after all, it’s the company right?

the week went by with me feeling really sick and am on medical leave for 3 days (but i only took 2 days). i just hope i’ll get stronger and not fall sick so often.

watched kumar the queen at esplanade yesterday and while some parts are hilarious.. some parts were just okay. maybe because i went in with too much expectations.. nonetheless, the money was well spent and i did have a lot of laughs.

alright. there is more to be said but i had to work on my presentation slides for now. it’s sad doing it on a weekend, but hey.. the deadlines won’t shift and i just have to get it done.

hopefully the coming week is gonna be better!

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