been wanting to blog about the trip.. but procrastination is at work, plus.. i was busy catching up with a korean drama that i am hooked on recently – taming of the heir.

so, just some random bits of nonsenses from me.

1. i’m still suffering from itch from the mosquitoes bites that i suffered in krabi. darn. they are so toxic and i am so refraining myself from scratching the 2 kisses they planted on my face. everywhere else have been scratched raw.

2. my toes are screaming murder when i started wearing heels to work on monday. i guess they are so accustomed to the one week of barefoot, flip flop life.

3. missing krabi badly and still in holiday mood. my gears are moving slow-mo and errrmm, can i swap the aircon in the office with the krabi sun and beautiful sights?

4. sea sickness/air sickness. i got back to work on monday and felt myself swaying from left to right while sitting still on my desk. it was a tough day to get by battling the nausea and staying ‘still’.

5. i got a nice golden tan. and i never slapped on that much sun BLOCK in my entire life. der spent his days spraying himself with sun tan and i did quite the same with sun block, but i am MUCH tanner than him. not sure if that is a good thing though since i am supposed to keep myself fair in the months to come.

6. i got myself into a routine of sleeping early and waking up late in krabi (since they are 1 hr later in timing), and every night come 11pm.. i struggle to keep my eyes open!

i cannot believe it’s mid week. there are tonnes of work waiting for me to clear them and i am struggling to move faster! guess it’s hard to switch from the idyllic lifestyle mode to the dog-eat-cat world.

errrm, the photos are up on my facebook so go check it out when you are free. proper entries on the trip to follow soon.

and oh. darn. one of the AK’s commented that i still don’t look quite slim even though i’m much darker and back from krabi. can someone pass me a huge hammer please? i want to hammer him.


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