i spent the last weekend in a family chalet, playing mahjong all nite till dawn suffering from the lack of sleep.

this week, the weekend was all spent at home, not even stepping outdoors. it’s therapeutic, i tell ya. it gave me the time to think about many things (as well as snooze like a pig!). some close to heart and some not. much was triggered by the talk with moses..

one of his sentence struck me hard.. if you truly love someone, nothing else matters. i can’t help but smile each time it rings in my head. it’s so true, aint it?

once upon a time, nothing else really matters. now, everything else matters. Hmmm..

anyways anyways, i was forcing my mum to clean the house out and clear out the junk. i wonder why there is this notion with my mum’s generation that everything that can be used, must keep, but never use them for the last 10 years. today, she finally got her butt moving to clearing out our storeroom. in it, i found some childhood toys that makes my heart go, “ahhhhhh..”. i also found a whole lot of books that my aunt have brought here, and there are MANY of them where i splurged money on to BUY to read. @#&@#@%!!$@&!@!

if only, i knew they were there. *sigh* i wouldnt have wasted that much money and now, i have duplicates of a lot of books.

here’s the older-than-me mickey mouse (authentic one!) and my carebear..
i CAN’T recall the other character.. its from some cartoon.. anyone knows?!?!

at least for now, the directions are quite clear. the signs has always been there, but it was me who didnt want to believe myself.

alrighty, it’s time for bed and start a brand new week in a couple of hours!

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