the other day, i was reminded of someone who once told me he hates eating alone outside. i used to think.. hey, what’s wrong. no matter what, you still have to eat right?

and then, some months later, it struck me that it could be loneliness that he cannot stand. i eat alone sometimes, and i think it’s perfectly alright. i’ll either quickly eat, and move on to doing something else… or i eat slowly and people watch while i do that.

about the issues of trying to find a table, queuing for food etc. i never thought of that as an issue.

hmmm.. has that got anything to do with my independent character?

anyhow, these days.. i don’t take dinner alone. i’ll come home, get addicted to my computer or nds and wait for der to come home and have dinner together. it’s a warm fuzzy feeling having something to look forward to every day. never mind that sometimes, my hunger pangs are so bad that i am tempted not to wait – actually, i did that sometimes, but i try to make sure when der eats, i’m with him so we can share moments sitting in front of the tv, watching silly dramas, sharing some laughter, or simply, enjoying each other’s presence.


i just remembered that i forgot my medication, so i went to the kitchen and had a quick serving of sweet potato soup before popping the pills.. and my mum was complaining about me having late nights, eating dinner so late and that i shouldn’t be waiting up for der everyday cos i had to wake up much earlier every day and at the rate i am going, my health is gonna suffer with the little sleep that i am getting.


life’s irony right?! just when i was blogging about being sweet having dinner with der. i guess my mum is just worried about my health – it hasn’t been fantastic and i have always been the sickly one to her.

suddenly, i wish i had a home of my own.. i could invite friends over to chill, eat steamboat dinners or play boardgames, living life the way i like it to be.

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