i am sooo tired lately, and have been getting bad dizzy spells and headaches. am dreading the coming weeks for a couple of reasons:
1. My mum would be away for a ear surgery in 7 days, which means i need to stake out alone with 2 kids for at least 4 days (non-stop) while she is at the hospital.
2. The same week that my mum is away, my brother is travelling, which means, i don’t have anyone to help me buy food either.
3. der just told me that he won’t be able to take leave/come home earlier that week because he is rushing for launch.

major BOO.

anyway, back to the topic of this entry. I have been busy reading up loads about purchasing home stuff and i learnt so much lately. like, an undermounted sink? just days ago, i totally have NO CLUE what it means. there are sooooo much decisions to make for the new home. the different types of kitchen sink, installation methods, the various types of hob and hoods, the different type of taps and usage, the type of sink for the vanity top – wall mounted, counter top, pedestal, undermount and semi-recess… mind boggling stuff.

i googled and found a few useful articles so am going to list them here for my own reference, credits and kudos for these helpful web pages to aid the clueless me!

Types of bathroom basin
Types of hobs available and their pros & cons
Points to consider while choosing a kitchen hob
types of kitchen hoods
this video probably explains why some people say the cooker hoods are useless. they didnt buy the good one!
kitchen sink installation methods
mistakes to avoid while choosing a kitchen sink

For now, i am likely to go with…
(1) a self ignite gas hob (still tethering between a glass top vs stainless steel)
(2) an undermounted big single kitchen sink
(3) a counter top or semi recess bathroom basin

undecided for everything else.

and i found a really useful/interesting blog chronicling a couple’s home and their renovations! I especially like this comprehensive list of places to buy home accessories.

ok. i should really sleep. 4.11am right now.

please. if you have any advice or suggestions on kitchen appliances or my selections above, throw them all to me. i would rather consider every single pro and con of the options available than to live in misery for the next couple of years and kick myself in the arse on “why didnt i think about that?!”.