no, i’m not off to bed yet even though i should.

there is just so much to do and so little time… got a feeling there are loads of heads nodding to this right now especially since the posts in lj these days seemed to have dwindled to quite a far bit and people hardly blogs (as much) anymore?

i’m sure guilty too of that, even though i’ll really like to blog a lot more than i can.

here’s a picture of the sick boy at the clinic. i can’t remember if he was visiting or i am. we have been frequent visitors of the clinic these days. and the boy is being missed while he trudge through the streets in milan shopping. argh. i must go on one of those trips with him some time! or rather, make that next year! 😛 *makes mental note to secretly plan*

and oh, the birthday celebration in the office.

sorry for the bad pictures, it was a surprise.. so i wasn’t at all prepared. and my BRILLIANT colleague who stole my camera in advanced to take pictures of the ‘surprise’ didnt realised that i was loading my pictures and the SD card was in my card reader instead of the camera!

seriously. i had a bad fright and was totally thrown off guard. it’s a friday, the usual super busy, panicky ad days. and at 4pm, there was some issues with my ad layout at we had to change, with my boss briefing in the direction and asking me to follow up.. some 10 mins later, she stormed to me and ask me for the ad.. i gave her my only copy of badly scribbled ad and she stared at it and asked if i had another. i offered to print.. and she told me ok, only to change her mind 10 secs later and told me that she’s going into a teleconference with the agency to talk about the ad.

i scrambled and grab my notebooks, pens and along with another colleague and before i could start to follow her, my boss halfway down the path, turned around and shouted at me to HURRY UP, no time to lose. i ambled along and broke into a sprint to join her at the darkened room, and when she opened the door…

the whole ging gang of colleagues were all in the little room. WOW. i must be really busy to not have realised that they were all GONE from their desk. and there! they caught me. i must say my boss really did a good job (together with the other colleague who was in cahoots with her) and got me totally fooled. i seriously didnt think about the celebration AT ALL.

well, i didnt think they remembered my birthday. and well, similar tricks is being used for all birthday parties here and I never quite knew i would fall for it still (helps that my boss is quite fierce so it’s really scary!).

and there, i have 29 pieces of wafer in 6 different flavours, placed in the number 29. i guess its really special.. and seriously, i was so stunned and still in shock that i ‘blow’ out the candles before i made a wish.

and i didnt hear them sing happy birthday song, because i asked my colleague afterwards and she say.. huh! we did! we sang it the moment u stepped into the room.

and ya, i was NOT allowed to blow the candles because i was coughing oh so badly (someone said ‘you may now blow the candles..’ and a dozen more urgent voices shouting NO! NO! NO!!),and i was wearing a mask for everyone’s sake if you noticed in the pictures. not that i had any intention to blow, but the reaction was so classic. so, i had to fan the candles off with my ad and note book… and here are the only 2 pictures taken of me in that very special moment. am really really thankful for my team and the many other people that turned up in that room on a super busy friday afternoon. thank you. thank you so much.

the happy me, with my half eaten hazelnut chocolate wafer..

and that, is just one wee bit more to my birthday post…

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