i had insomia last night. i was all awake the whole night and at 3.30am, i figured i NEEDED to grab a wink.

so force myself in bed i shall. engulfed in darkness, i was more awake than ever. i tossed and turned. i twist and straighten. i sleep flat, by the side and in all positions possible. i tried hugging different things. feeling warm from the tossing and feeling the frustration set in, i closed my eyes tight and willed myself to sleep.

after much effort and a long time, i finally fell asleep. i opened my eyes wide when the alarm rang at 7am. i think i barely managed 2.5 hours, but im all awake and not having the slightest urge to yawn.

amazing rite?

i have loads to accomplish today. nov is moving too fast than i hope it to be. loads of deadlines to crash. my stomach’s feeling woozy from the few bites of nasi lemak i ate this morning. urgh.

finally resolved the conflict for my outlook, so gotta bang emails now.

update later.