the last week had been extremely tiring, averaging 4 hours of sleep per day. despite the solemn affair, i must say it’s quite fun in a way.

it may not be right to say that at such an event, but it definitely helped foster ties between the cousins and me. we chatted, understood each other more, stood on common grounds, found familiarity with the younger cousins whom i dont even know their names/looks before, cracked a lot of lame jokes, sang crappy self invented songs to keep us awake and mahjong sessions for the entire 6 nights throughout.

it was also a week where internet connection was minimal even though it was within my reach (my wireless network could be detected at the wake), and going through the simple ritual of sleep, eat, chat and play.

it also opened my eyes to the cruelty of one of my elder, how disgusting and annoying she could, leaving almost a whole gang of us bitching at her the whole time. i felt she was really rude (sat at my seat to play mahjong while i took a toilet break and paid MY money out when she lost – not that im petty, but it’s really not a good example as an elder when she didnt ask, used my money and didnt return me my seat after i came back + continuously used my money to pay for the LOSSES!), a typical bad example to show my younger cousins, skeptical about everyone and complained so much at everyone when she doesnt do what she preaches.

if not for the sake of my grandma and another cousin, me and one other cousin would have picked a fight at her. she also took my night snack (cuttlefish) conveniently without the cheek to ask permission and FINISHED everything. like i owe it to her.

that’s really minor stuff. during the processions, she talked on her mobile, asked her maid to walk in and out of the coffin area, didnt pay attention and simply bo chup abt paying the last respects for my grandma. all my aunts were extremely pissed off with her too.

how sad right?

lotsa anguish i experienced too. for being defamed for things that i didnt even do. i really felt so accused that i could easily burst out crying. being with the same people for 6 days every morning and night is quite a feat especially when one has the lack of sleep.

the happy things? i gained back all my cousins and we had a silent pact to keep close together cos it was one of grandma’s dying wish. there were also a few comical senarios to laugh about for a long long time to come. my mum seemed to get acquainted with the rest of my aunts/uncles after holding her silence for as long as twenty years.

my boi got acquainted with my entire family, and coincidentally.. his brother was one the people playing the instruments during on of the processions, his dad was the person who wrote my grandma’s obituary. small world if you ask me. and i found out it was my primary school friend who danced under one of the big head dolls and he was SO shocked to find out that it was my grandma when i msged him and commented he can really dance.

i took some pictures (though my mum was strongly against it), but i felt the pictures/video clips are the last of the memories i want to keep of this whole episode. for those who are interested, view the pictures under the cut.

i forgot to do a scan of the obituary before all the originals were snapped up. Is there any kind soul who might be willing to do a scan for me from the chinese papers? i think it’s either in the wednesday or thursday’s papers. many thanks.

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