i should be in bed at this hour, but i havent touched my computer for the last 3 days and amazingly, i dont quite miss it (except for the reading of blog entries, of cos!)

i just spent the last 2hrs+ catching up on my friends’ journal entries and i seemed to be missing a lot! i feel so not in touch..

the long weekend certainly didnt feel long to me. i was grumpy, tired the whole time and even the internet and the thrill of switching on the computer didnt attract me as much as it used to. i had dinner with angela and jinhong at far east on friday night with my almost going to break legs after hours of walking on my 3″ heels at the FHA. i never felt so much pain in my legs before and i desperately spent 30 bucks on a pair of slippers that i didnt really fancy a lot, just to ease my tired and terribly sore legs.

i feel so stupid. i very naively thought the FHA would cover at most 2-3 halls at EXPO and little did i know that it stretched over all SIX halls. that explained why i decided to wear the 3″ heels.

dinner was filled with laughter. i havent met jinhong for a long long time ever since we graduated except for a very brief bypass encounter at toa payoh. he’s one JOKER. he made me laugh the whole time with the silly sentences that he said, and even angela who dont really know him couldnt help laughing.

here are 2 examples..
both angela and me were eating chicken noodles that we ordered in front of him.. and there was a commotion in the restaurant over the last plate of duck noodle available..

c: (silently under my breath) aiyo! no duck eat chicken lah!
j: then u still eat duck yourself?
c: -dazed- (looks at my white chicken meat) how can duck meat be white?!?!
(angela almost choked on her noodles while trying to contain her laughter with noodles stuffed in her mouth)

we were on the way out of the mall while jinhong asked us how we are going home..

c: oh, train lor!
j: where angela stay?
c: yishun, same as me lah! why? wanna send us home ah?
j: can also. let me ORDER cab first.
c + a: *ROFL*
(believe me, the way he said it was damn funny.. and he even asked me innocently why i laughed so hard!)

most of the sat and sun were spent working. i sat in at 4 of the restaurants waiting for “potential” people to survey. turns out, it’s quite a hard task since i was given the quieter locations. late sat night was spent playing no. balls with wei’s frens and i crashed into yihui’s romantic dinner with munic at marina south on sunday nite. i was a boiling wreck, tired and angry over wei’s insensitivity and decided to find my own activities. we landed up in mind cafe playing boardgame, laughing till i lost some of my voice!

the last of my long weekend? spent shopping! i was determined to get myself either a new wallet or bag, but ended with nothing since the bag i wanted was outta stock. thinking of getting my aunt to buy it back from the states since its gonna save me a couple of hundreds! i ended up with a impulse buy of a rugged fossil watch that i really like for wei. they only had 1 piece left, so i couldnt get the both of us one each. *sigh*

shopping’s quite a waste of time when u end up with nothing. oh! i just remembered, just as we were going to collect the car.. i popped into heeren to use the restroom and ended with a IS evening gown for my cussie’s wedding on vesak’s day! 🙂

im dreading work tomorrow already! is that bad? it’s cos i wont have a seat since the seat that i sat was originally meant for another girl who’s coming in tomorrow. i vacated it on friday and the girl im replacing havent leave yet.. im am so gonna be a drifting soul with no other available seats in the office! 🙁 (and no com to use too!)

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