i feel accomplished, but am knocking out any moment now. i had only 1 hr of sleep last nite. bah-ku-teh brekkie at 6am in the morning with gor and boi. Popped back to the office to grab some work stuff that i need and a hectic day just went past.

spent a bomb today committing an aircon system for the house. i cannot stand the heat any further and with subsidies from uncle fong (who cant stand the heat everytime he pops into singapore).. i had to drag my brother and my mum to shop for an aircon system.

finally task done! whee!! im looking forward to cool air in the house (most imptly, living room!) soon!

spent 3+ hrs in a salon and got my hair rebonded. Hmmm.. my head literally feels VERY light now cos the stylist snipped of CHUNKS of my hair. kinda sad.. but i guess they’ll have to go to make me feel less hot, and more comfortable.

done up most of the work required tomorrow with the many hours spent in front of the computer! yay! i’m getting good vibes about next week, even though i know it’s gonna be hectic. can’t go too wrong if my mood is good rite?

another week has whizzed pass.. which is quite scary. i have spent some time talking to some charity organizations this week and it sorta triggered me to really want to volunteer my services. maybe i should re-look my schedule and see how i can help on a personal level.

things are picking up this week and thanks for the many concerns from friends. appreciate it and i hope things will turn out well too..

caught The Breakup at Nokia Starlight cinema on thursday night. it’s quite an experience with long queues, insects hopping around, people putting their stuff on MY mat, poor audio for the conversation part, a bright round moon and hazy skies. what can i say.. i TOTALLY relate to the movie. u get the gist. hur~

ok. i better get my butt into bed and rest.. with a water parade before hand. i cannot afford to be sick the way this week schedule is. nite nite.

oh, one last thing. photos! i don’t know why. i fished out the cammie with intention to take group shots with mx & kent.. somehow.. i dunno what happened! we shall take pictures TOGETHER the next time we meet ya?

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