Ok. So I survived through the night of contractions, turning/tossing on my bed. Found out the reason why I was in pain ever since I left the clinic. My gynae already induced me! He inserted a tablet and I tell you, my worse hr was spent at the lobby last night, alternating between pain and finding a comfy position. I was super unglam, but who cares?! The admission procedures took more than 30mins and I survived on my own for that long…

And the boy almost had to head home and leave me here, cos there are no more single rooms. He upgraded my room to a premium single! Wah, I feel privileged eh! More like it’s for him too.

Here’s our ‘hotel room’. The boy gets a bed too! Wah, no need to sleep on sofa bed eh..

I brought xsilly and my beanie rabbit along for comfort.

Heh. Despite the smile, I was suffering in pain. And the gynae checked on me near midnight and inserted yet another tablet to induce me. Comforting to know that he say it’s likely to be successful! (yay, no c-sect delivery). Was told to get some sleep for the night after. I was squeezing the boy’s hand in pain for the first 2 hrs.

After which, I spent the night like I barely slept! ok. I can’t tell if I slept, I could feel the pain and could tell each time the nurse stepped in. She didn’t have any chance to rouse me, I greeted her with wide eyes when she entered. The night went by with ctg, blood pressure, doppler (to check Jerry’s heartbeat), blood pressure, doppler, and… Breakfast!!

At 630am. No, I haven’t lost my sense of humor yet, amidst the pain. Good morning! In another 13 mins, I’ll be pushed to the delivery ward to have my water bag broken. I think the real pain has yet to come. Heh.

Oh, at 3am last night.. I lost my mucus plug. Guess its good news since it means the cervix is effacing.

I think I will scream later. Haha!

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