i think i slept too much yesterday that i spent the day battling a bad headache and feeling restless. had been relatively quiet here, because i had been busying myself with projectjen, a scrapbook that i created and sent to print.. as a farewell gift for my favourite colleague.

maybe i was too much of a perfectionist, maybe i just wanted it to look good.. i spent nights and nights losing sleep over choosing the photos that would go into the book, cropping, editing, DI-ing the images and making sure it capture all the memories of hers. it wasn’t perfect because of the lack of time on my end, there were also many other events that i didn’t have the time to do pages of.. but looking at the time constraints, at least i met my own benchmark of 80 pages.

tuesday was jennifer’s last day. it was quite an emotional day, from the (last) meetings in the morning, the team lunch we had, the handover to me & my boss, and finally, the 2 hours of farewell gathering with the department. it’s funny because as much as i willed myself not to cry because i am so happy that she is moving onto something else better, i got emo when i saw the video clip that i recorded for her, with me wishing her all the best, and relating the memories that we have shared.

here are some of the pictures that we took in the meeting room just before her departure. and i broke the tradition and managed to “extort” funds to buy her the most expensive farewell present ($500!) ever in the history of my department.

jen holding my scrapbook and her farewell present

dee dee must be really happy with jen’s departure, cos she is now THE PRETTIEST in the department! haha. 😛

And oh.. if you are interested, see

now, i can think of what to do for my long weekend! i am on leave today & tomorrow! 🙂

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