4 more days… counting down and i am totally SO not in the mood for work. many exciting things ahead.

first up, i’m flying to aussie next week!! just when i thought i was so done with travelling this year… and errrm, gonna be really exciting because I’ll be there ALL ALONE for 2 3 days before aunt/uncle comes along to join me. thankfully, fio fio is gonna be in melbourne during the same period, so maybe i could meet her for a meal or 2 before she moves on her trip. this trip also marks the most travelling that i have done in a year, with vietnam, hong kong, taiwan, bangkok and now australia! woo hoo!

then, i am going to watch a play!! so excited and looking forward to Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs. with der travelling so much in the upcoming weeks, i am glad that we are able to catch this!

and there are so many things on my to-do list… farewell gifts, cards, projectjen etc.

i do feel like i am making myself very busy!

and oh oh! the new job starts 4 nov. i had it pushed back a day to accomodate my trip due to the lack of tickets. 🙂

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