i woke to a gloomy day today. i think it had got to do with the pouring rain, the dark rooms and a quiet house. i feel lethargic cos i slept too much and the leg’s feeling a little stiff.

the physio session was much better and i managed to walk properly a bit without my crutches. it’s very much a psychological problem, i realised. didnt take any pictures cos the session was pretty much the same, except that i didnt meet the footballer and the room was very crowded with kids. crying kids that is, and its extremely distracting since u tend to look at them and lose focus on what you are doing.

and the physiotherapist told me this,”morale of the story? dont come on a friday afternoon.”. ok, now i KNOW.

wwenzz, in case u are still wondering why i didnt take a picture of the physiotherapist? it’s a fat malay guy. the physiotherapist is not the same person as my doctor. *giggles*

and i realised, the footballer that i met was someone from tampines rovers. so, i was wrong in my previous post and the pictures on their site is so tiny, i cant really tell which one it was. No. 4 maybe. and i still didnt catch the name the second time. Grrr.

i snuck out last nite alone on foot to meet jeremy for drinks in the vicinity. turns out, we decided to catch a movie at yishun 10. pretty much a very impromptu decision and we bought tickets for V is for Vendetta because it was the latest show, and it allowed me more time to walk there.

quite a nice show if u asked me. i cant wait to get back there to watch more movies. in fact, i cant wait to do many other stuff.

please let my leg recover soon.