*kachink* *kachink*

here’s my new buys!!

ok. u must be wondering why the boots. thanks to the boots, i left the office at 6.40pm today. it’s been a LONG while since i left the office when the sky is still bright! i need the boots for my dinner and dance next week, and seeing my packed schedule.. i just had today left to buy.

the additional pair of heels is errr… a calculated buy. after resisting the temptation of so many dozen pairs of pretty heels, this is a MUST buy! ok. i know its a weak attempt at convincing anyone. believe me. if weren’t for my colleague, Rain.. i would have come home with at least 5 pairs! i was kinda going crazy at the mall (haven’t stepped in for a long time!) and feeling grumpy after being dragged away by my colleague on numerous attempts.

i was just, literally drooling at everything.

ok. my attempt at trying to reach the office ON TIME (i always have this punctuality issue in the MORNing) was quite successful. great. but i havent started studying my jap! i shall head to bed soon and continue my mission in being punctual.

guess what? today’s also the first time in a long long time that i took the train back home. suddenly i miss having to take the cab cos i was carrying so many things, and they are weighing like a ton. my arms almost broke! ok ok. exaggeration. but it really FEELS like it!

*beep* time to turn in. thank you for reading my nonsense today.

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