I am supposed to be in Singapore with the hubby, but I should be back soon to spend it with him. Wanted to pop in to visit my grandpa and spend the usual CNY like the past years, reckon I wont have much of the opportunity in the future and am thankful that my hubby and in-laws are ok with it!

Nothing fantastic about the reunion dinner to shout about. Every year, its the same dishes ever since I knew how to talk as a kid (I can name out all the dishes without batting an eyelid). But, it’s these same dishes that make the occasion special, a familiar attachment to it, and nothing else quite makes it the same.

Sweet and sour pork.

Shark’s fin soup.. I had my own personalized bowl without the fins this year.

Bok choy soup with fish maw and mushrooms.

Yong tau foo..

Pig trotters (ok, this is new for the year)

Chicken mushroom soup with fishballs.

Fried roasted pork

Leeks and lup cheong (chinese sausage)

Tofu skin with glass noodles. This is vegetarian for my grandma who eats vegetarian on the 1st day of CNY every year.,

Century eggs. My favorite as well, but I didn’t touch it at all..

Fried prawns.

White chicken..

And there is a steamed fish that I totally forgotten to take a picture of.. =S

I was so hungry that I ate down and eat the moment the food were all ready and almost everyone sat down at the table. I almost fainted of hunger because we were stuck in the jam for 3hrs+ today, we only arrived at 6+ in the evening and mum had to do the cooking for the family. I didn’t eat a single thing for the day, except bee hoon in the morning and a burger that I made my brother to go grab while we were in the car..

And yeah, another night has passed. Time is slipping by me faster and faster as I grow older and older. I do sometimes wish that I could stop time for a bit and just enjoy the moment without it slipping by me.

Good night people. I can feel the tiredness of the body and I should be knocking out pretty soon.

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