vanessa was out with us on sat for shopping. as usual, she’s a bunch of joy and my best friend cos we are sOoooooOOoo similar!

v: domino met hello kitty and say hello to her. why hello kitty never reply?
c: huh? dunno leh, cos hello kitty got “hello” in her name? (i’m totally clueles..)
v: no. cos hello kitty got no mouth! (breaks into a fit of giggles..)

i stunned for a moment and started laughing.

v: okie okie, i ask u again. now hello kitty got mouth already. she say hello to domino. why domino never reply?
me: errrmm.. cos he’s angry hello kitty never reply earlier?
v: no, cos he has no ears!!

i thought it was quite funny and laugh out loud.

then a thought struck me. “eh, who is domino?”

c: vanessa.. who is domino?
v: xiao ding dang lor!
c: huh? it’s dorAEMON, my dear girl..

hahah.. a 9 year old girl is so cute right? hee..