a picture i took yesterday. a reminder to myself of all the things that i have done previously. as i look through some of the letters and cards (damn! i find myself super “chong hoy” in there!), i realised they are quite a pain to read.

no wonder wei always delay reading them. THEY ARE VERY HEAVY READING MATERIALS. i totally switched off when i see some of them. pages and pages of non-stop messages. there are some article clips as well.. titled, “how to be a happy couple” and some other very interesting things.

i seriously cannot remember some of the things i do, and wrote. but i do realise ONE thing. is that the message that i have been trying to bring across the years is the same.

heh heh.

maybe it’s been in me for the longest time. but.. but.. i guess my next card (if i ever give him another), it would be quite different.

at least the 2 cards that i sent him in the last 1 year already is different. 🙂

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