i was trying to log into friendster to post a comment on one of my friend’s bloggie. and while waiting for the slow login to happen, i browse through some of my friends’ profiles..

at the same time, i realised. someone close to my heart is gone. he’s no longer in my friendster list. search all i could, but he seemed to disappear into thin air. he’s not in the list of all our common friends as well. not sure why, my heart sank.

it’s kinda sad knowing that i wont be able to check how he’s been recently. and know updates about him. tho we hardly talk, and never met up for years.. it’s still nice seeing pictures of him in friendster and knowing that he’s well.

i doubt he’ll ever read this. the guy born on 7 dec. i really wish the best for you and hope you’ll be happy. i dont think our paths will cross ever again, but your smile will remain in my mind for as long as i can remember.

and while searching for this friend. i found this girl whom i dont know at all. but she was hugging a guy. a friend of mine. whom shunned me and acted like he didnt know me the last time we met. and pretended to quickly hug his gf and get out of my view with a guilty look on his face. i dont even know what happened?!?!

it’s weird. thinking why someone close to my heart disappears just like that and someone who desperately shuns me just appear even when i am not searching. it funny how fate pokes fun of one.

sigh. i suddenly find myself in jitters. dont know why. 🙁