attended the moove media 2nd anniversary event at fort canning some time mid april. the theme was moove goes hollywood and there was glitz and glamourous people all around. I was extremely under dressed for the event cos i didn’t know about it till the actual day when fio told me she had rsvp me for this event.

i LOVE LOVE the balloon-filled ceiling! was telling fio that i want that kind of ceiling on my wedding day! errr.. a bit far-fetch, i KNOW. Hee.

hmmm.. the red wine is prolly the best thing. eh no. make that the performance by the broadway beng – sebastian tan. i was hoping to win something from the lucky draw where the first prize is 2 tickets to LA! at least, i was lucky enough to win 2 shaw tickets for movies when i received an sms via bluetooth! the rest of them went home empty handed.

throughout the night, it was quite bored cos there was too much smoke to even see what was on the stage. the golden lookalike oscar awards statues provided some entertainment. they were real muscle-packed men, in tiny little tight trunks dipped on gold all over, standing as still as they can. fio and me was VERY VERY tempted to go poke them and see what reaction they might have. ha!

the night ended with a ride from lyn to ZOUK! not to party, but to hail a cab home. and in case u are wondering, i had purposely spelled hollywood as hollymoO~. πŸ™‚

well, at least it wasn’t hollyBoO!

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