and so, spent the entire morning at the hospital.

the MRI scan was a torture. asking a hyper person not to move is extremely uncomfortable. well, of cos i moved. lol. the doc kept going,”ms lim.. please dont move..” over the headphones.

the angle my leg was put in was weird, and my muscle kept twitching, so not entirely my fault.

i have decided to head for the surgery. it’s abt 6 – 8k, and scheduled on tuesday evening. im scared shit less, but it’s like im not giving myself an option. i wil go ahead with the surgery, even if money is short. i mean, i wouldnt want to wait, cos i risk damaging my knee further walking ard in my condition.

holes are gonne be drilled in my bone. going under GA, a tendon from my hamstrings will be taken and used to connect the shin and thighbones. clutches for a week, and then physiotherapy.


if only you stood by me..